The table and paragraph below highlight some key upcoming MPO decisions related to PBPP. The federal rule for safety performance measures has been finalized, and the FHWA set the schedule for states and MPOs to respond to requirements. This table will be updated as other rules are finalized.


Federal or

State Required?


Identify scenarios to study, and associated measures to track.


Spring 2017

Decide whether the MPO will support state targets or develop its own targets for federally required safety performance measures


Federally required safety performance measures include

the following:

Number of fatalities

Fatality rate (per 100 million VMT)

Number of serious injuries

Serious injury rate (per 100 million VMT)

Number of non-motorized fatalities and serious injuries



(pending information on state deadlines)

Choose whether to establish other safety performance measures and targets for tracking performance 


Winter 2017/2018

VMT: Vehicle miles traveled.

In the future, the MPO will also need to decide whether it will support state targets or set its own targets for other federally required performance measures related to infrastructure condition, system reliability, congestion reduction, freight movement and economic vitality, and environmental sustainability. MPO staff will provide updated information as timelines for these other federally required performance measures are established. The MPO will also choose whether to establish other (non-federally required) performance measures for other goal areas, and whether to develop targets for these measures.


Short-Term Timeline

This page will be updated periodically to reflect new activities and decisions as the MPO’s performance-based planning and programming (PBPP) process evolves. This information is current as of January 18, 2017. MPO staff is awaiting further federal guidance on implementation of PBPP requirements.


For reference, the graphic below depicts the major activities and milestones that need to occur in 2017 and 2018.


The timeline describes performance-based planning and programming activities that will take place during calendar years 2017 and 2018. It includes the work that the state will carry out, along with work that pertains to the MPO’s performance-based planning process, its LRTP, and it’s TIP.