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The Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is composed of 22 voting members and 2 nonvoting members. The current member entities and the person representing each on the MPO are:

Voting Members

  • Massachusetts Department of Transportation (3 Votes)
    Stephanie Pollack, MassDOT Secretary and CEO
    Designees: David Mohler, MassDOT; John Bechard, Highway Division; and
    John Romano, Highway Division
  • Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA)
    Luis Ramirez, Acting General Manager
    Designee: Eric Waaramaa, Capital Budget Office
  • MBTA Advisory Board
    Paul Regan, Executive Director
  • Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport)
    Thomas P. Glynn, CEO
    Designee: Hayes Morrison, Deputy Director, Transportation and Land Use Planning
  • Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC)
    Keith Bergman, President
    Designee: Eric Bourassa, Transportation Manager
  • Advisory Council
    Tegin Teich, Chair
  • City of Beverly
    Michael Cahill, Mayor
    Designee: Aaron Clausen, Director of Planning
  • City of Boston (2 Votes)
    Martin Walsh, Mayor
    Designees: James Gillooly, Deputy Commissioner of Transportation; and
    Jim Fitzgerald, Boston Planning & Development Agency
  • City of Everett
    Carlo DeMaria, Mayor
    Designee: Jay Monty, Transportation Planner
  • City of Newton
    Ruthanne Fuller, Mayor
    Designee: David Koses, Transportation Planning Coordinator
  • City of Somerville
    Joseph Curtatone, Mayor
    Designee: Thomas Bent, Mayor’s Liaison
  • City of Woburn
    Scott D. Galvin, Mayor
    Designee: Tina Cassidy, Planning Director
  • Town of Arlington
    Joseph A. Curro Jr., Chair, Board of Selectmen
    Designee: Jennifer Raitt, Planning and Community Development
  • Town of Bedford
    Margot R. Fleischman, Chair, Board of Selectmen
    Designee: Richard Reed, Town Manager
  • Town of Braintree
    Joseph Sullivan, Mayor
    Designee: Christine Stickney, Planning and Community Development Director
  • City of Framingham
    Yvonne M. Spicer, Mayor
    Designee: Dennis L. Giombetti, Chair of City Council
  • Town of Lexington
    Suzanne E. Barry, Chairman, Office of Selectmen
    Designee: David Kucharsky, Assistant Planning Director
  • Town of Medway
    Maryjane White​, Chair, Board of Selectmen
    Designee: ​Glenn Trindade, Selectman
  • Town of Norwood
    William J. Plasko, Chair, Board of Selectman
    Designee: Tom O'Rourke, Neponset Valley Chamber of Commerce President/CEO


  • Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
    Jeff McEwen, Massachusetts Division Administrator
    Designees: Nelson Hoffman, Program Development Team Leader; and
    Kenneth Miller, Assistant Division Administrator
  • Federal Transit Administration (FTA)
    Mary Beth Mello, Regional Administrator, FTA Region 1
    Designees: Kristen Wood, Director, Office of Planning and Programming Development;
    Leah Sirmin, Program Manager; and Ryan Bartlett, Program Manager

MPO Committees

The MPO currently has three active committees that help accomplish its work:

  • Administration and Finance Committee, to review the MPO staff operating budget, legal matters, and other administrative functions
  • Congestion Management Process (CMP) Committee, to guide the implementation of this process
  • Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) Committee, to provide input on the development of the UPWP and monitor progress on staff’s work

Please refer to the meeting calendar for a schedule of upcoming MPO committee meetings and materials.