Boston Region MPO Communication Norms for Board and Committee Members and Officers



The Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) strives to offer inclusive forums for discussions that lead to transparent decision-making. In order to do so, the Boston Region MPO recognizes that all individuals, designees, and alternates serving on the MPO board and its committees should maintain respectful discourse with their fellow board members, staff to the Boston Region MPO, and members of the public.


This Communications Norms document provides a universal standard of conduct and framework for effective and respectful discourse. This document is supplemental to the Boston Region MPO Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Boston Region MPO Operations Plan, the Bylaws of the Advisory Council, as well as any other governing documents of the MPO or its committees. It is not a substitute for the Massachusetts State Ethics Law or the Open Meeting Law.



Members or representatives of the Boston Region MPO and its committees shall conduct their communications related to the activities of the board and committees in the following manner:



Board and committee members should report observed violations of these communications norms made by any board or committee member toward each other, staff, or a member of the public.


Concerns regarding potential violations may be reported to the chair or vice chair of the Boston Region MPO. The executive director will investigate any accusation of a violation related to staff.


The chair and vice chair shall review reports of observed violations of these norms, and will proceed with the following steps:

  1. Contact the board or committee member who has been observed violating these norms and request that they follow the established norms.
  2. If there are additional reports or observed violations of these norms or the single violation rises to a greater level of severity, then the chair and vice chair may jointly pursue one or more of the following steps:


If the chair or vice chair or their designees are observed violating the norms, the chair of the Administration and Finance Committee shall be sought to confer on reported violations and next steps.




I certify that I have received the Communications Norms for the Boston Region MPO.


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