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What is the transportation improvement plan?

The Boston Region MPO’s five-year capital investment plan, the TIP, is the near-term investment program for the region’s transportation system. Guided by the vision, goals, and objectives established in Destination 2050, the Long-Range Transportation Plan, the TIP prioritizes investments that preserve the current transportation system in a state of good repair, provide safe transportation for all modes, enhance livability, promote equity and sustainability, and improve mobility throughout the region.


How do I get my project funded?


Project Scoring and Selection

MPO staff evaluate project funding requests from municipalities, propose programming of projects based on anticipated funding levels, support the MPO board in developing the TIP, and facilitate a public review before the MPO board endorses the final document.


Project proponents must complete an application. Municipalities apply for funding through the MPO's investment programs. If you have questions about which program application your community should submit, contact MPO staff.


Intersection Improvements

The Intersection Improvements investment program funds projects to modernize intersection geometry and signalization to improve safety for all users. The program supports projects for single intersections and corridors.


Improvements May Include

Intersection Improvements Scorecard


Bicycle Network and Pedestrian Connections

The Bicycle Network and Pedestrian Connections investment program funds projects to expand bicycle and pedestrian networks to improve safe access to transit, schools, employment centers, and shopping destinations.

Improvements May Include

Bicycle Network and Pedestrian Connections Scorecard


Complete Streets

The Complete Streets investment program funds projects that modernize roadways to improve safety and mobility for all users.

Improvements May Include

Complete Streets Scorecard


Major Infrastructure

The Major Infrastructure investment program funds projects that enhance major arterials for all users and modernize or expand transit systems to increase capacity. Projects in this program cost more than $50 million; are on major roadways, including interstate highways, principal arterial freeways and expressways, or other principal arterials that have fully or partially controlled access; or add new connections to or extend the rail or fixed guideway transit network or the bus rapid transit network. MPO staff determine the major infrastructure categorization.

Improvements May Include


Transit Transformation Program

The Transit Transformation investment program funds a wide range of transit improvements ranging from projects that expand the system to those that keep the system in a state of good repair.

Improvements May Include

Transit Transformation Scorecard


Community Connections Program

The Community Connections investment program funds a variety of project types, including first- and last-mile solutions and other small, nontraditional transportation projects to enhance mobility and improve air quality.

Improvements May Include

Community Connections Scorecard


Bikeshare Support

The MPO introduced a Bikeshare Support Set-Aside line item to fund capital repair and improvement projects for bikeshare initiatives in the region starting in federal fiscal year (FFY) 2025. This line item is funded at $1 million per year for FFYs 2025 and 2026 and $2 million per year for FFYs 2027 and 2028. Bikeshare support funding will be used to fund capital costs for expansion and repair. Bikeshare support projects will be funded through the MPO's Community Connections program.


Project Design Pilot

The Project Design Pilot was created to envision, design, and deliver transformative projects for the region. The MPO has set aside $4 million in FFY 2025 to fund new project designs.

Prerequisites to Apply


Advocate for Projects in Your Community or Across the Region



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