2008–09 MBTA Systemwide Passenger Survey Reports

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Posted 7/10

In 2008–09 the Central Transportation Planning Staff (CTPS) conducted a systemwide survey of Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) riders. The most recent comparable systemwide passenger survey had been conducted during 1993–2000. Surveys of the Silver Line Washington Street and Silver Line Waterfront bus rapid transit services had been conducted in 2005 and 2006, respectively; therefore, the new survey omitted that mode. It covered bus (including trackless trolley), heavy rail (the Blue, Red, and Orange Lines), light rail (the Green Line and the Mattapan High-Speed Line), commuter rail, and boat. These passenger surveys gathered data that are not easily obtained through any other means. The data are used to update the regional travel-demand model that is routinely used by the MPO; they are also available for use by the MBTA, CTPS, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, other transportation agencies, academic researchers, consultants, and private citizens. The 17 reports provided here document the systemwide and Silver Line surveys essentially by mode. In general, each volume includes numerous tables of data, accompanied by summarizing text. The reports present information on why trips are made, where riders are coming from and going to, how riders get to and from the service, and for rapid transit, the stations at which riders enter and exit the system. They also provide information on the demographics of riders, as well as their automobile ownership, how they pay their fares, and how they perceive the quality of MBTA services.

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