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The Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is composed of 22 voting members and 2 nonvoting members. The current member entities and representatives are listed below.

Voting Members

Permanent Members

  • Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) (3 votes) 
    Monica Tibbits-Nutt, MassDOT Secretary and CEO 
    Designees: David Mohler, MassDOT; John Bechard, Highway Division; 
    John Romano, Highway Division 
  • Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) (1 vote) 
    Phillip Eng, General Manager 
    Designee: Laura Gilmore, Senior Director of Strategic Transit Planning
    Alternates: Ryan Josti, Director of Capital Program Planning/CIP; Sandy Johnston, Deputy Director of Regional Transit Planning
  • MBTA Advisory Board (1 vote) 
    Brian Kane, Executive Director 
    Designees: Frank Tramontozzi, City of Quincy Mayor’s Office; Hanna Switlekowski, Deputy Director of MBTA Advisory Board
  • Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) (1 vote) 
    Edward C. Freni, Interim CEO 
    Designee: Sarah K. Lee, Senior Transportation Planner
    Alternate: Joel Barrera, Director of Strategic and Business Planning 
  • Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) (1 vote) 
    Marc Draisen, MAPC Executive Director 
    Designee: Eric Bourassa, Transportation Director
    Alternate: Julia Wallerce, Assistant Director of Transportation
  • Regional Transportation Advisory Council (1 vote) 
    Lenard Diggins, Chair; Franny Osman, Vice-Chair 
  • City of Boston (2 votes) 
    Michelle Wu, Mayor 
    Designees: Jen Rowe, Boston Transportation Department; Jim Fitzgerald, Boston Planning & Development Agency
    Alternates: Matthew Moran, Patrick Hoey, Boston Transportation Department; Joe Blankenship, Boston Planning & Development Agency

Elected Members

  • At-Large City, City of Everett (1 vote) 
    Term: 2023-2026 
    Carlo DeMaria, Mayor 
    Designee: Jay Monty, Transportation Planner
    Alternate: Eric Molinari, Transportation Planner 
  • At-Large Town, Town of Brookline (1 vote) 
    Term: 2023-2026 
    Bernard Greene, Select Board Chair 
    Designee: Erin Chute, Commissioner of Public Works
    Alternates: Amy Ingles, Transportation Administrator; Mike Sandman, Select Board Member 
  • At-Large City, City of Newton (1 vote) 
    Term: 2021-2024 
    Ruthanne Fuller, Mayor 
    Designee: David Koses, Department of Public Works
    Alternates: Ned Codd, Department of Public Works; Jenn Martin, Department of Planning and Development
  • At-Large Town, Town of Arlington (1 vote) 
    Term: 2021-2024 
    Steve DeCourcey, Select Board Chair 
    Designee: John Alessi, Senior Transportation Planner
    Alternate: Claire Ricker, Director of Planning & Community Development; Sarah Suarez, Assistant Director of Planning & Community Development
  • Subregional Representative: North Shore Task Force, City of Beverly (1 vote) 
    Term: 2023-2026 
    Michael Cahill, Mayor 
    Designee: Darlene Wynne, Director of Planning & Development
    Alternate: Erin Schaeffer, Economic Development Planner
  • Subregional Representative: SouthWest Advisory Planning Committee, Town of Wrentham (1 vote) 
    Term: 2023-2026 
    Joseph F. Botaish, Board of Selectmen Chair 
    Designee: Rachel Benson, Director of Planning & Community Development
    Alternate: Kevin Sweet, Town Administrator
  • Subregional Representative: North Suburban Planning Council, Town of Burlington (1 vote) 
    Term: 2021-2024 
    Michael Runyan, Select Board Chair 
    Designee: Melisa Tintocalis, Economic Development Director
    Alternates: Jim Tigges, Select Board Member; Paul Sagarino, Town Administrator
  • Subregional Representative: Three Rivers Interlocal Council, Town of Norwood (1 vote) 
    Term: 2021-2024 
    Matthew Lane, Chair, Board of Selectmen 
    Designee: Tom O'Rourke, Neponset River Regional Chamber President/CEO
    Alternate: Steve Olanoff, Town of Westwood 
  • Subregional Representative: Inner Core Committee, City of Somerville (1 vote) 
    Term: 2022-2025 
    Katjana Ballantyne, Mayor 
    Designee: Tom Bent, Mayor’s Liaison 
    Alternate: Brad Rawson, Director of Transportation and Infrastructure 
  • Subregional Representative: MetroWest Regional Collaborative, City of Framingham (1 vote) 
    Term: 2022-2025 
    Charlie Sisitsky, Mayor 
    Designee: Dennis Giombetti
    Alternates: Michael Tusino, COO; Sarkis Sarkisian, Director of Planning and Community Development 
  • Subregional Representative: Minuteman Advisory Group on Interlocal Coordination, Town of Acton (1 vote) 
    Term: 2022-2025 
    Jim Snyder-Grant, Select Board Chair 
    Designee: Kristen Guichard, Planning Director and Zoning Enforcement Officer 
  • Subregional Representative: South Shore Coalition, Town of Hull (1 vote) 
    Term: 2022-2025 
    Greg Grey, Select Board Chair 
    Designee: Chris DiIorio, Community Development and Planning Director

Nonvoting Members

  • Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) 
    Joi Singh, Massachusetts Division Administrator 
    Designee: Kenneth Miller, Assistant Division Administrator 
  • Federal Transit Administration (FTA) 
    Peter Butler, Acting Regional Administrator, FTA Region 1 
    Designee: Eric Papetti, Region 1 Director of the Office of Planning and Program Development

MPO Committees

The MPO currently has four active committees that help accomplish its work:

  • Administration and Finance (A&F) Committee
    • The A&F Committee reviews and deliberates all administrative and finance matters that come before the MPO board. This work includes reviewing the annual operating budget and quarterly updates and addressing other matters raised by the board related to the administration and finances of the Boston Region MPO and its staff.
    • Chair: Brian Kane, MBTA Advisory Board
  • Congestion Management Process (CMP) Committee
    • The CMP Committee meets to guide the development and implementation of the MPO’s CMP, recommending projects and programs to reduce congestion and improve mobility, safety, and efficiency.
    • Chair: Jay Monty, City of Everett
  • TIP Process, Engagement, and Readiness Committee
    • The TIP Process, Engagement, and Readiness Committee reviews the process for the annual development of the MPO’s Transportation Improvement Program and discusses potential improvements. The committee provides an additional forum for board members and various project proponents and stakeholders to better understand project development, which may involve changes to project cost and readiness for construction.
    • Chair: Jen Rowe, City of Boston, Boston Transportation Department
  • Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) Committee
    • The UPWP Committee reviews and deliberates on the development of the annual UPWP, ultimately forwarding the document to the full MPO board for approval. This committee reviews the progress of work outlined in the UPWP each quarter.
    • Chair: Derek Krevat, MassDOT

Please refer to the meeting calendar for a schedule of upcoming MPO committee meetings and materials.