Boston Region MPO Freight Planning Action Plan Update

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July 2019

The Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) freight program began in 2014 and has been funded annually on a regular basis since its inception. The broad outline of the Boston Region MPO freight program was presented in the 2013 Freight Planning Action Plan.

The Action Plan Update reviews the goals of the original Action Plan and recommends that the freight program continue to work towards these goals. The original Action Plan also suggested specific freight study topics, all of which were addressed either directly or indirectly in subsequent studies, and are included in the Action Plan Update.

Finally, the Action Plan Update suggests potential freight-related topics for future study. In 2017, the MPO designated a set of federally mandated Critical Urban Freight Corridors (CUFCs), and the Action Plan Update recommends key parts of the CUFCs system that might be studied in the future, such as roadways near Sullivan Square, the Allston Interchange, and the Southeast Expressway. Specialized freight services, specifically air freight consolidation and distribution, and rail intermodal distribution patterns, may also be investigated.

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