Guidance for Transportation Resilience

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Climate change poses increasing risk to transportation assets and users from increased flooding, sea level rise, extreme temperatures, and other hazards. Designing or retrofitting transportation infrastructure to be able to withstand a changing climate is essential to safeguard both the reliability of our system and the mobility of transit and road users.

MPO staff have compiled Climate Resilience Guidance for Planners to provide guidance and suggestions on how to incorporate climate resilience into transportation project design. This StoryMap includes an overview of climate projections for the Boston region, a review of local examples of resilient transportation projects, examples of common climate adaptation strategies, general best practices for resilience planning, and suggestions on how to meet the MPO’s new resilience criteria that staff use to prioritize projects for funding in the Transportation Improvement Program.

View the Climate Resilience Guidance for Planners at full size or below on this page, and contact Judy Day, MPO staff, at with any questions.