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The Regional Transit Service Planning (RTSP) program stems from the MPO’s policy to reduce single-occupant-vehicle (SOV) travel in the region by encouraging use of the transit system. Through this program, Central Transportation Planning Staff (CTPS)—staff to the Boston Region MPO—offers technical support to regional transit authorities (RTAs) to promote best practices and address issues related to route planning, ridership, cost-effectiveness, and other service characteristics. CTPS also helps transportation-management associations (TMAs), municipalities, and Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) subregions to improve the transit services that they operate or fund.

Previous recipients of the RTSP program include MetroWest RTA, CrossTown Connect TMA, the Town of Hudson, and the Three Rivers Interlocal Council (TRIC) subregion of MAPC. Types of MPO assistance have included assessing the potential for generating ridership to effectively support transit service, and recommending transit routes and schedules, including recommendations for flexible transit services.

How it Works

If you are interested in RTSP technical assistance, please apply or contact CTPS with a specific request. Typically, either an individual or a team of CTPS transit planners meets with the potential recipient to discuss their particular needs and the type of support that CTPS can provide. When evaluating requests for technical assistance, CTPS considers whether it can offer the required support in a financially modest, time-efficient manner. Then, in conjunction with the potential recipient, staff members outline a scope of work and provide the requested assistance.

For more information, please contact Rebecca Morgan, at or 857.702.3683.