Safe Access to Transit for Pedestrians and Bicyclists

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Posted 12/12

Many MBTA transit stations are within walking and bicycling distance of significant numbers of riders, actual and potential. However, in some cases, walking and bicycling to a transit station can be inconvenient, uncomfortable, and/or unsafe, owing to a lack of pedestrian and bicycle accommodations or a lack of safe and well-maintained facilities. The Safe Access to Transit for Pedestrians and Bicyclists study examined issues related to nonmotorized accessibility to transit stations, and identified low-cost, quick-implementation measures that can improve pedestrian and bicyclist access to the MBTA system.

In FFY 2012, CTPS staff performed studies for the following MBTA stations: Oak Grove, Braintree, Riverside, and Morton Street. Four memoranda, one for each station, present the analyses and recommended improvements.

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