Development of the Federal Fiscal Years (FFYs) 2025–29 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

Key Dates in TIP Development

October 2023

  • 1
    Submit project info and updates to staff
  • 31
    Confirm TIP contacts

November 2023

December 2023

January 2024

    MPO staff complete initial project evaluations and share results with project proponents
    • Projects being evaluated for funding by the MPO

February 2024

  • 2
    MPO Meeting: MPO discusses funding outlook for FFYs 2025–29 TIP development
  • 16
    MPO Meeting: Final project scores are presented to the MPO
  • 29
    Municipalities submit feedback on project evaluations

March 2024

  • 7
    MPO Meeting: MPO discusses scoring results for new projects being considered for funding
  • 21
    MPO Meeting: MPO discusses programming scenarios for new and currently funded projects

April 2024

  • 4
    MPO Meeting: MPO selects a scenario for new and currently funded projects
  • 18
    MPO Meeting: MPO votes to release draft FFYs2025-29 TIP for public review

May 2024

  • 16
    MPO Meeting: Review of public feedback and comment for the FFY 2025-29 TIP

June 2024

  • 6
    MPO Meeting: MPO votes to endorse final FFYs 2025-29 TIP