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The MPO previously published TRANSREPORT as a bimonthly newsletter. The most recent issues of the newsletter are archived on this page in PDF and HTML format.

As of January 2017, the newsletter transitioned to a web-based blog. Like the newsletter, the TRANSREPORT blog features information about recent and upcoming MPO activities, newly released reports, opportunities for public involvement in transportation decision-making, news about transportation projects in the Boston region, updates on recent administrative actions taken by the MPO, and topics discussed at meetings of the Regional Transportation Advisory Council and the Access Advisory Committee to the MBTA.

TRANSREPORT December 2016/January 2017 (PDF)

  • TRANSREPORT Is Now a Blog!
  • Study Investigates Enhancing Rest Locations for Long-Distance Truck Drivers
  • MPO Initiates Study to Research Wait Time Reduction for MBTA Bus Passengers
  • Municipalities Reelect Four MPO Members and Vice Chair
  • MPO Amended its Long-Range Transportation Plan in August
  • MPO Votes on Draft TIP Amendment One
  • Federal Agencies Approve the MPO’s FFYs 2017-21 Transportation Improvement Program
  • Federal Agencies Approve FFY 2017 Unified Planning Work Program

TRANSREPORT July/August 2016 (PDF)  (HTML)

  • Roadway Redesign Could Open Up Access to Lynn Waterfront
  • Progress Resumes on Green Line Extension Project
  • Transportation Planning Documents Available for Public Review
  • Find Your Way with the New Massachusetts Transportation Map

TRANSREPORT April/May 2016 (PDF)  (HTML)

  • MPO Study Leads to Corridor Redesign Plan in Hingham and Hull
  • MPO Releases a Report about Strategies for Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions
  • New Unified Planning Work Program Taking Shape
  • MPO Studies Truck Routes in Everett-Chelsea Industrial Area
  • Considering a Career in Transportation Planning? MPO Staff Share Experiences with High School Students
  • Region’s Transportation Plans Comply with State’s Air Quality Regulations
  • Green Line Extension Update
  • New Projects and Studies Getting Underway
  • AACT Members Celebrate the Reopening of a Fully Accessible Government Center Station

TRANSREPORT February/March 2016 (PDF)  (HTML)

  • Study Proposes Low-Cost Fixes for Interstate Highway Bottleneck Hot Spots
  • Senior Transportation Services Database Launched
  • Massachusetts Avenue Reconstruction Celebrated in Arlington
  • Boston Region MPO Selected for Training Academy
  • Evolution of the MBTA Rapid Transit Map: How Depicting the Green Line Shaped the Design
  • FAST Act Sets Federal Priorities for Surface Transportation Funding

TRANSREPORT November/December 2015 (PDF)  (HTML)

  • “Capital Conversations” Held Across the Commonwealth
  • Municipalities Re-Elect Four MPO Members
  • Study Could Lead to New Safety Improvements for Franklin’s Route 140
  • Boston Region MPO Activities
    • Boston Region MPO Approves Amendments to Planning Documents
    • New Projects and Studies Getting Underway
  • Regional Transportation Advisory Council Update
    • U.S. DOT Staff Discuss Climate Change Resilience
    • Public-Private Partnerships Offer Alternatives to Drive-Alone Commute
    • New Officers Elected to Advisory Council
  • Access Advisory Committee to the MBTA (AACT) Update
    • New Planning Tool Paving the Way for Sidewalk Access Improvements

TRANSREPORT September/October 2015 (PDF)  (HTML)

  • Boston Region Transportation Plans Finalized
  • Assistance Available for First- and Last-Mile Transit Connections
  • Upcoming MPO Elections; Nomination Papers Due October 2
  • MPO Recommends Safety and Operations Improvements in Milford, Westwood, and Weymouth
  • Pedestrian Signal-Phasing Report Released

For earlier issues, please contact Róisín Foley, MPO staff, at 857.702.3704,